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More than 6 Million Voters used Vote 411

LWVUS & CO  | Published on 12/4/2020

FROM LWVCO Deborah Ann Turner -

Ensuring that voters had accurate election information was more critical than ever this year. Changes to voting rules and processes due to the pandemic and the widespread mis- and dis-information campaigns made 2020 a challenge. However, the League took on this task with great success. Success could be measured in registration, GOTV, voter information, and particularly voter protection.

Please read VOTE411: Helping Millions Find Nonpartisan Election Info in 2020 if you would like more detail about how we served voters this year.

As Leagues turn the corner from Election Day and start to think about their advocacy work for the 2021 cycle, the LWVUS Advocacy and Litigation (A+L) department has put together two pieces to help guide Leagues in their federal and state advocacy.

The first piece is the legislative priorities guidance for state and local Leagues. This guidance from LWVUS incorporates input from League leaders around the country and offers suggestions for framing League work. We encourage Leagues to use these recommendations as they think about their legislative advocacy work in 2021. Please use the semi-annual League survey to let us know what you are working on so we can better support you!

The second piece is the Congressional interview program for the 117th Congress. It’s been some time since Leagues were asked to formally interview their Senators and Representatives regarding advocacy priorities. Therefore, this guide will be a great resource for a relaunch of this important arm of our advocacy. We are asking you to help us this year to build relationships with freshman and returning lawmakers in your home states as well as on Capitol Hill. Please look at our guidance, meeting tips, and reporting structure on the League Management Site and help us set the tone for the new Congress. For questions about this program or the legislative priorities, please email




Women Power the Vote: Early Top Line Highlights

2020 has been an incredible and unprecedented year on so many levels and while we’re still collecting data and evaluating our efforts, we want to thank you, the heart and soul of the League for your amazing contributions and provide you with some top line highlights from the Women Power the Vote campaign.

  • Over 6 million users reviewed over 37 million pages on VOTE411 (that’s a 27% increase over 2016).
  • Through our largest digital advertising campaign to date, we reached more than 3.5 million voters in our VOTE411 general election marketing campaign with more than 15 million social media impressions.
  • More than 170,000 people used the voter registration tool on VOTE411 (that’s 4x more than 2016).
  • More than 300,000 people used the ‘check your registration map’ we created this year to connect to their state’s resource where they could confirm their registration status.
  • Candidates in more 22,000 races in all 50 states were included in the VOTE411 voter guide.
  • We launched VOTE411 in Spanish and more than 110,000 users accessed more than 350,000 pages of content in Spanish.
  • 1.7 million postcards were sent to women under 45 in 15 target states. These mailings focused on getting out the vote this fall with a special emphasis on helping people learn about and navigate the ever-evolving election process, specifically their early and mail-in voting opportunities. And encouraging them to act now. In 3 of the states, the postcards were in English and Spanish.
  • We communicated with nearly 1 million people through our GOTV email series.
  • We hosted our first text-a-thon and contacted approximately 300,000 registered voters.
  • We developed over 80 active corporate and nonprofit partnerships to support all aspects of Women Power the Vote.
  • Thousands of individuals participated in the unprecedented training series we created to support Leagues as they navigated the ever-changing landscape and political environment.
  • We brought more than 60 election cases, about 90% were resolved prior to the election, focusing on expanding voter access and participation, which was achieved through pushing for notice and cure in states that did not have a process in place, removing burdensome witness signature requirements for absentee ballots, encouraging SOS to send all active voters an absentee ballot in advance, and increasing ballot box access as well as early voting periods.
  • We facilitated high profile appearances on ABC News, CNN, Dr. Oz, New York Times, Washington Post, TIME Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, USA Today, Reuters, Politico, NBC News, Yahoo Finance, and many more.