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LWVCO Responds to US Capitol Violence

Karen Sheek, LWVCO President  | Published on 1/11/2021
Action Alert from LWVCO - Karen Sheek, President 1.9.21

This week, we saw President Donald Trump instigate an insurrection against his own government in a last-ditch attempt to maintain power that turned fatal.  On Wednesday, January 6th, our nation’s capital came under attack by radical insurrectionists intent on disrupting the transition of power.  It was a coordinated attack on our democracy.  As advocates for a free and fair democracy, it is imperative that we call for the removal of Donald Trump by impeachment and disqualify him from ever holding federal office again.

Donald Trump must be removed from office in order to protect the integrity of the Office of the President.

Donald Trump breached his oath of office the moment he posed a clear and imminent threat to national security by encouraging his followers to storm the Capitol.  It is now the duty of Congress to proceed with his impeachment for acting seditiously in flagrant violation of his oath.  Our Constitution must be upheld; this can no longer be ensured under the sitting president.

As the result of Donald Trump’s seditious actions, Vice President Mike Pence must be sworn in to fulfill the duration of this presidential term.  President Trump must be held accountable for his reckless actions that jeopardized the safety of our elected officials, led to injuries and the loss of human life, and threatened our very democracy.

Make your voice heard:  Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to support impeachment and removal of this president.  We have been told that calling may be more effective.

Senator Michael Bennet: 202-224-5852; email Sen. Bennet here
Senator John Hickenlooper: 202-224-5941; email Sen. Hickenlooper here
Rep. Diana DeGette (CD1): 202-225-4431; email Rep. DeGette here
Rep. Joe Neguse (CD2): 202-225-2161; email Rep. Neguse here
Rep. Lauren Boebert (CD3): 202-225-4761; email Rep. Boebert here
Rep. Ken Buck (CD4): 202-225-4676; email Rep. Buck here
Rep. Doug Lamborn (CD5): 202-225-4422; email Rep. Lamborn here
Rep. Jason Crow (CD6): 202-225-7882; email Rep. Crow here
Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CD7): 202-225-2645; email Rep. Perlmutter here

Sample text for an email or call:


Subject line:  Constituent:  Support the Impeachment and Removal of President Trump


Dear Senator / Representative [Name],


As a member of the League of Women Voters, I am contacting you to call for the removal of President Trump via impeachment with disqualification.  Our nation has not witnessed insurrection take place at the United States Capitol since 1812 — and that was by foreign forces.  It is up to you to condemn the President’s actions by removing him from office.


The United States Congress was gathered on January 6 to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.  This ceremonial process has been a shining example of our democracy at work and promotes the peaceful transfer of power.  The President was responsible for instigating an armed attack through his incendiary rhetoric and bold-faced lies about the results of the election.  His continuing refusal to concede peacefully, and his abandonment of his oath to “protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States“ make him unfit to hold the Office of the President.  He must be removed.


The removal of President Trump from office is not only critical in holding him accountable for his actions against our republic, but it will also ensure that he is disqualified from running for any elected office in the future.  Regardless of your political affiliation, I ask that you support your colleagues in the House and support the impeachment of President Trump, sending a message that those who attack our Constitution and democracy have no right to hold office in the United States.


Thank you,


LWVCO Statement & Letter - Action Alert 1.9.21