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Take Action on Voting Rights

LWV US  | Published on 8/30/2021

August 2021 LWV Plain logo natlEmpowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

The League is elated that the US House of Representatives recently passed HR4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (JLVRAA). This legislation is needed to fully restore the Voting Rights Act and ensure that discriminatory voting policies, which disproportionately target communities of color, are stopped. The VRAA represents the best defense of our freedom to vote and speaks towards the promise of American democracy.

Voting rights reforms like the JLVRAA and the For the People Act(FTPA) have broad bipartisan support among the American people; however, their support has yet to translate to Washington. These tremendously popular pieces of voting rights legislation have only moved through Congress along partisan lines. Access to the vote is not about partisan politics; it’s about justice and equality.

The Biden Administration holds substantial power and influence, and it’s urgent they use the full weight of the office to take a stand voting rights. It is time for the White House to step forward and champion our freedom to vote in actions as well as words.

Tell President Biden that he must go above and beyond to implement federal voting rights laws nationwide!

The Biden-Harris Administration came into office after the historic 2020 election achieved record-shattering voter participation and necessary expansions to voter access during a deadly pandemic. The American people elected a reform-minded government that promised to make voting rights their top priority. If President Biden truly wants to make good on the promise of democracy, he must use his power and influence to do what it takes to bring voting protections to the most vulnerable voters in this country.

Federal voting rights reforms are essential to the health and sanctity of our democracy. The American people want and deserve reforms that will:

  • Protect and enforce voting rights;
  • Address the historical barriers to voting;
  • Oversee voting rights violations;
  • Hold states and bad actors accountable; and
  • Create a democracy that is representative of all Americans.

The League and our partners stood outside the White House this past Tuesday at our No More Excuses Rally and implored President Biden to become the true champion of voting rights. The American People deserve a president who uses every tool at their disposal to fight for the freedom to vote. We will not rest until President Biden has used every tool in his administration's arsenal to champion federal voting rights.


We ask you, our valued members and supporters, to make your voice heard to protect your vote.

Implore the Biden-Harris Administration to take up the fight alongside voters, voting rights advocates, and the millions of Americans who supportnationalstandards for voting access!


Yours in the fight,

Virginia Kase

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